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Heart and Hand

Montessori Teacher Education Program

Upcoming Events

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Heart and Hand MTEP Professional Development events 

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Feb 8 

Heart and Hand MTEP Infant and Toddler Symposium

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Feb 22

2020 Educator Series - Part I - "Baby Work"

Using principles drawn from the Montessori and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers),  let's take a deep look at what comprises an infant curriculum. Once we are grounded in our philosophy, we can develop the perfect environment for freeing the human potential. Topics will include language and communication, infant curriculum, observation, and screening OBS (1), LEC (3)


Apr 24

2020 Educator Series - Part II - "Sharing Music with the Youngest Child"

Gain insight into how you can support tonal and rhythmic competence in your classroom. Learn 5+ new songs as well as transition rhymes, finger plays and circle activities CKC (1), LEC (2), HGD (1)


May 26


June 6

2020 Educator Series - Part III - Ethical Leadership for the Reluctant Leader

This is a two part session focused on developing leadership skills in the service of harmonious workplace relationships. Discover the ways power dynamics intersect throughout our organizations. Become grounded in personal core values and ethics that guide decisions and behavior. PPLD (3), PM (1)


June 23

Tuning to Toddler Guidance

In order to be kind and effective guides, we will seek to better understand the toddler's point of view. Together we will wonder how toddlers understand and engage with the world. We will consider Montessori's writings on the development of the will and the spiritual needs of the child as well as how current research is illumnating the inner life of our youngest children. With this understanding of development, we will consider guidance practicies for the toddler community. UGB (3)

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